Podcast Cont'd

Episode 16: Dr. Katherine Pohlman

In our sixteenth episode, we sit down with Dr. Katie Pohlman to discuss her research on the safety of chiropractic interventions with pregnant and pediatric populations. We also discuss her involvement with the Chiropractic Academy of Research Leadership (CARL) fellowship.

Episode 15: Dr. Scott Haldeman

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Scott Haldeman about World Spine Care and the Global Spine Care Initiative. We discuss the global burden of spinal pain in addition to the implementation of clinical practice guidelines.

Episode 14: Dr. Debbie Wright

In this episode, we interview Dr. Debbie Wright, CCGI Best Practice Collaborator, provincial and national chiropractic advocate, as well as a clinic owner in Courtenay, British Columbia. We discuss the practice landscape in BC as well as a clinical scenario.

Episode 13: Dr. Richard Brown

In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Richard Brown, Secretary-General of the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC). We discuss the WFC, the role of guidelines internationally, as well as the upcoming biennial conference in Berlin.

Episode 12: Dr. Michele Maiers

In our eleventh episode, we sit down with Dr. Michele Maiers, Executive Director of Research and Innovation and Professor with the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Policy with Northwestern Health Sciences University. We discuss her role at Northwestern, the future of research and the profession, as well as the American Chiropractic Association’s Choosing Wisely campaign.

Episode 11: Dr. Tony Tibbles

In this episode, we have a conversation with Dr. Tony Tibbles, Dean of Clinics at CMCC. We discuss CCGI integration into the curriculum, CMCC clinics, and recent developments.


Episode 10: Dr. Elisabeth Angier

This week we discuss chiropractic in the UK, guidelines in practice, and the Chiropractic Research Council with Dr. Elisabeth Angier.

Episode 9: Dr. Frances Leblanc

We interview Dr. Frances Leblanc, Executive Director of the New Brunswick Chiropractic Association and discuss chiropractic practice and advocacy in New Brunswick.