Podcast Cont'd

Episode 8: Dr. Chad Kulak

In this episode, we interview Dr. Chad Kulak, President of the Association and College of Chiropractors of Alberta. We discuss the practice landscape in Alberta and proposed scope expansion. 

Episode 7: Dr. Simon French

During episode 7, we chat with Dr. Simon French about his research at Queen's University, chiropractic utilization, and future projects.

Episode 6: Dr. Michael Heitshu

In this episode of the CCGI Podcast we interview Michael Heitshu, Director of Policy with the Canadian Chiropractic Association. We discuss how research informs advocacy work and the involvement of chiropractors in the opioid crisis. 

Episode 5: Dr. Ayla Azad

In our fifth episode of the CCGI Podcast we interview Dr. Ayla Azad, practicing chiropractor, CMCC instructor, OCA President, CCGI Opinion Leader, and MBA student. We discuss the Ontario scope expansion and how to build a successful evidence-informed practice. 

Episode 4: Dr. Peter Stilwell

In this episode, we interview Dr. Peter Stilwell, a chiropractor in Halifax who is also a PhD student at Dalhousie University, and co-leader of the Nova Scotia Practice Based Research Network (PBRN). We discuss PBRNs and chat with Dr. Peter Stilwell about how he prescribes exercises for patients.

Episode 3: Dr. Bob Haig

In this episode, we sit down to chat with CEO of the OCA and Best Practice Collaborator, Dr. Bob Haig. We discuss Dr. Haig’s role as CEO of the Ontario Chiropractic Association and how they engage with members.

Episode 2: Dr. Shawn Thistle

In our second episode, we discuss the role of Opinion Leaders and Best Practice Collaborators with the CCGI. We also sit down and chat with Dr. Shawn Thistle, founder of Research Review Service and Ontario CCGI Opinion Leader to discuss his work and a clinical scenario.

Episode 1: Dr. André Bussieres

Join the CCGI Knowledge Brokers, Dr. Gaelan Connell and Dr. Kent Stuber for our first episode of the CCGI podcast. We discuss the CCGI and our role as Knowledge Brokers. We also sit down and chat with Dr. André Bussières, Project Lead of the CCGI.