Podcast Cont'd

Episode 24: Dr. Matt Wentzell

In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Matt Wentzell about his experience pursuing a fellowship in sports sciences, his recent publication in the JCCA, and how he integrates evidence into practice.

Episode 23: Dr. Theery Piché

Joignez-vous pour notre premier épisode de podcast en français avec les docteurs Frances Leblanc et Theery Piché. Nous discutons de l'UQTR, de la résidence en sciences du sport de la CMCC et des commotions cérébrales.

Join us for our very first podcast episode in French with Dr. Frances Leblanc and Dr. Theery Piché. We discuss UQTR, the CMCC Sports Sciences Residency, and concussions.

Episode 22: Dr. Jessica Wong

This week we sit down with Dr. Jessica Wong and discuss clinical practice guidelines, the OPTIMa Collaboration, and current projects.

Episode 21: Dr. Henry Candelaria

Join us for the 21st episode of the CCGI podcast. We speak with Dr. Candelaria and discuss the ISAEC program as well as his work in a hospital setting.

Episode 20: Dr. Michael Schneider

Join us for this episode as we discuss Dr. Schneider's research at the University of Pittsburgh, the Primary Spine Practitioner Program, clinical practice guidelines, as well as spinal stenosis. Click here to see a recent RCT and qualitative study on spinal stenosis. 

Episode 19: Dr. Dean Smith

Join us for this episode with founder of the Chiropractic Science podcast, Dr. Dean Smith. We discuss his recent research, clinical practice guidelines, and why he started his own chiropractic podcast.

Episode 18: Dr. Nardine Bekhit

In this episode we interview 4th year CMCC student, Nardine Bekhit. We discuss her involvement with the CCA, SCCA, guideline integration in CMCC curriculum, and life as a student approaching graduation.


Episode 17: Drs. Carol Cancelliere & André Bussieres 

In this special episode of the CCGI podcast we interview both Dr. Carol Cancelliere and Dr. Andre Bussieres. We discuss the impact of guidelines and future plans for the CCGI.