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Parcours de soins pour les lombalgies

Date de la dernière mise à jour : février 2024

Low back pain (LBP) is a common condition that can be acute, sub-acute, or chronic, presenting as a dull ache or sharp pain and sometimes radiating to other body parts, especially the legs. LBP can be specific (attributable to a particular cause) or non-specific (no identifiable cause). Rehabilitation is important in all LBP types to aid recovery and enhance function and participation, with specialized care pathways sometimes necessary for specific LBP.

Conduct patient assessment

Red flags present

Red flags present

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Refer to appropriate emergency or healthcare provider

Non-specific LBP or LBP with radiculopathy:

  • Education

  • Self-care

  • Exercise

  • Manual therapy

  • Medicines

  • Psychological therapy

  • Social support

  • Mind-body interventions

  • Needling therapies, electrotherapies*

  • Mobility assistive devices

  • Multicomponent biopsychosocial care

  • Topical ceyenne pepper

Additionally for LBP with radiculopathy:

  • Medical/surgical consultations

Other specific LBP:

  • Refer to appropriate emergency or healthcare provider

Major symptom/sign change

Goals not achieved


Adjust treatment and management plan or refer

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